Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Ride 6 of 7

Today was my Coffee Shop Without Walls ride.  This was the sixth Coffeeneuring Challenge ride completed, only one more to go to complete the Challenge.  The ride was on the C&O canal tow path between Brunswick, MD and Point of Rocks.  I chose the 1972 Raleigh Sports "Gold Edition" for this outing, primarily for its rear rack which was needed to haul the equipment for a proper "brew-up".  The Carradice Barley bag was up to the task of carrying my French press, fresh ground coffee beans, and vintage Sierra Club cups.  I also carried fresh water since the water at the hiker/biker campground along the C&O are treated with iodine, not the taste I was looking for.  I strapped my vintage Svea 123 stove and Sigg-Tourist-Set to the rear rack and we were off.  My son Michael accompanied me on the ride with his Nishiki mountain bike, his job was to follow me and report any equipment falling off the bike.  Here we are at the start.

Barley bag, and vintage Sigg Tourist Set ready for another adventure. 

The tow path is beautiful in the Fall.

Old train tunnel.
Lock 28 house.
View from Bald Eagle Island hiker/biker campground.

Getting ready for the "brew-up", at the campground.

Vintage Svea 123 stove, and Sigg Tourist Set

Preparing the French press.

Heating the water.
The "press", with Michael's green tea in the foreground.
The "pour".
Hot beverages with iconic Cliff Bar "pastries".

A great day; ride 6 of 7 completed.  Looking forward to next week for the last ride of the Challenge.  Until then, Enjoy the Ride.


  1. Love it! The Svea stove adds just that extra touch. Almost puts my Trangia to shame. (Almost.) And I would also like to have someone who'd always ride behind me to let me know what falls off my bike!

  2. I used a Svea for about 30 years before it finally died on me on the first night of a kayaking trip to Yellowstone. Fortunately we were close to a store that sold camping gear and I bought a Whisperlight. Nice stove, but didn't have the Svea's old school vibe.

    1. If you still have your Svea, go here for info and parts. I revived mine after a storm left me without power for 5 days, and all the propane in the area was sold out. Nothing like the comforting roar of the Svea doing its thing.