Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Coffeeneuring, Ride 2 of 7

Another Coffeeneuring Challenge ride completed.  I'm retired so according to the rules ( I can pick any two days of the week for my weekend.  I will be using Tues.and Weds. for my rides.  Today's ride was cloudy and cool.  The rest of the week in these parts looks like plenty of windy rainy weather, so I was happy to get my second ride in today.  I started at the Purcellville train station which is also the Western terminus of the W&OD bike trail.  I used my recently refurbished 1953 Raleigh Sports for this outing.

The LOVE sign at the train station
 A short ride down the W&OD then into town for a stop at Market Street Coffee.  Today I was conservative and just ordered a regular coffee instead of a fancy pour, but I got a little racy with a Vanilla and Orange iced scone.  Total ride length 3.2 miles.

You Have Arrived at Your Destination

Ahh, The Coffeeneruing Life!


  1. Great last photo and caption! The Coffeeneuring Life = Yes!

  2. Thanks, I thought it captured the essence of your ever growing event.