Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Ride 4 of 7

Today was a cloudy muggy day, definitely not Fall like, but the Coffeeneuring Challenge must be obeyed.  Ride 4 took me to Black Dog Coffee, which is located in the It's Bazaar building in old town Purcellville.  For today's ride I chose my 1972 "Gold Edition" Raleigh Sports.  This bike was recently acquired, but has not been refurbished yet; however, it did see action in the DC Seersucker Social.

1972 Raleigh "Gold Edition" Sports

Today's meal, I also picked-up a bag of whole beans.
OK, ride 4 completed, total trip 3.8 miles.  That's it for this weeks Coffeeneuring rides, hopefully next Tues. and Wed. will be good weather for rides 5 and 6.  Until then enjoy the ride!

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