Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scorcher Project - Wheels

I laced the wheels for the Scorcher project yesterday.  When the frame was powder coated I also had the rims finished.  These are alloy Sun CR-18, 26 x 1-3/8" rims.  I also ordered black spokes for the wheels.

The spokes are 2 mm straight gauge DT Swiss.  The rear length is 257 mm and the fronts are 284 mm.  I was originally going to use 3 cross (3X) lacing for both the front and rear; however, the spoke length calculator suggested a 2X pattern for the rear because of the extreme spoke angle caused by the large flange hub.

Rear wheel laced.

Add some rim tape, then mount the tire.

Before I mounted the tires I wanted to remove the reflective tape on the sidewall of the tires.  I won't be riding this bike a night, and I thought the tire would look better on this type of build without the tape.  It was fairly easy to peel it off.

Rear wheel completed, next is the front. 

I'll be using the original Raleigh front hub from the 1970 Sports.  Instead of cutting the hub out of the original rim I wanted to save the spokes, so I disassembled the wheel.  This takes longer, but is necessary if the spokes are to be saved.

I cleaned and buff the hub, replaced the bearings and repacked the the races with new grease.  The hub can now be laced to the black rims.

Mount the tire and install on the bike.  I'm using some vintage wing nuts for the front.

Here's  the bike with both wheels mounted.  Finally starting to look like a bike again; excuse me, I mean faux Scorcher!

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