Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Guest Post

As part of my participation in this years edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge.  I'm responding a request to create a  Guest Post using 7 questions developed by the founder to the Challenge.  So here it goes:

(1.)  Where do you live? 

Currently living in Purcellville, VA., a resident for 33 years.  Born in DC, and have live in the Metro area ever since.

(2.)  How did you decide to coffeeneur?    

I had just finished the refurbishment of a 1953 Raleigh Sports Tourist, when I saw the announcement of the 3rd Annual Challenge.  This seemed like a perfect fit with my fondness for old 3-speed bikes, good coffee, and beautiful Fall mornings.  It would be the good way to get the '53 Sports sorted out, and provide an opportunity to exercise other 3-speeds I own.

(3.)  What bike are you using as your Coffeeneuring bike?  What makes it a good Coffeeneuring bike?

I'll be riding a 1949 Comrade Roadster Model, 1953 Raleigh Sports Tourist, and a 1972 "Gold Edition" Raleigh Sports.  These are all British 3-speeds, they are comfortable with upright riding position, are unpretentious, and just enough gears to deal with most terrain.  A perfect bike for casual jaunts to the local coffee shops.

(4.)  Where did you choose to coffeeneur for this trip?

I'm intending to ride in Purcellville for as many of the 7 trips as I can, but I don't believe there are that many coffee shops available.  I'm trying to avoid using the big chain shops/stores, I plan on using only Mom & Pop shops.  I do want to plan at least one "Coffee Shop Without Walls" trip.  I will be packing my vintage Svea 123 stove and Sigg Tourist set; some fresh ground beans; French press; and ride somewhere to have a "Brew-Up".  Probably on the C&O canal at one of the hiker/biker campsites.  Is the canal even open because of the Government shutdown?

(5.)  Is the coffee shop beautiful and the coffee delicious?  Tell us a little about your Coffeeneuring locale.

 All of the shops have been excellent thus far.  Purcellville for a small town has a good selection of coffee shops; however, there has really been an increase in local vineyards, craft breweries, and now a distillery, Catoctin Creek.  Is there Beerneuring, Wineneuring , or Whiskyneuring in the future? 

(6.)  What other types of riding do you do besides Coffeeneuring?

I used to ride a lot on my 1970's era Reynolds 531 framed custom 10-speed with the Potomac Peddlers.  I still enjoy riding the 10 speed, but I now prefer more casual, comfortable rides on a 3-speed.  I last big ride I did was the Seagull Century (metric) on the Eastern shore, this event gets a huge turnout.  I also enjoy the organized rides in DC sponsored by the Bicycle Space, and the Seersucker Social and Tweed Ride put on by Dandies & Quaintrelles.

(7.)  What else did I forget to ask you that you want to share?

Nothing is particular, just wanted to Thank You for your efforts in putting on the Challenge, I'm having a good time with it thus far.

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