Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Ride 5 of 7

Completed ride 5 of the Coffeeneuring Challenge this morning.  I had all intentions of using the recently completed bike from the Scorcher Project, but...

Scorcher Project
because of the morning rain and wet pavement, I opted to use a bike with fenders.  I chose the 1953 Raleigh Sports Tourist, it has fenders and the added bonus of an enclosed chaincase.  This is the same bike I used for the first Challenge ride.  I chose the Vino 9 Market for today's ride.  Located on Route 9 about a 1/4 mile from the W&OD at Paeonian Springs, VA. it has been recently refurbished and now includes a nice patio, and speakeasy type bar (The Blind Pig) under the store.  On Saturday's they have entertainment on the stage in the patio.  The ride there was wet, cool and somber, I was looking forward to a hot cup of coffee on arrival.


Front entrance, patio is in the back.
Patio entrance.

1953 Raleigh Sports, the fenders were a good choice today.  Drip coffee tasted extra good.

More patio
Entertainment stage.

Bottle cap table.

Today's ride was 4.4 miles.  On the way home I was thinking about the nice pot of Chipotle Chili I was going to make to brighten the day, but now as I'm writing this the Sun has come out.  Although; the simmering Chili does smell good.

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