Monday, November 4, 2013

Early Raleigh Pedals

If you've been following my posts on refurbishing the 1953 Raleigh Sports Tourist, you know I've been wanting to replace the pedals.  The current pedals are from the 1970 Sports I used for the Scorcher Project.  These are the later version Raleigh pedals that are not re-buildable, and have a reflector.  I recently obtained a odd lot of early Raleigh pedals from eBay.  Included were three different style pedals with rubber blocks all 3 1/2" long (wide),  and  couple that are 4" long.  According to some web sources the 3 1/2" pedals were for ladies frames and the 4" were for the gents.  My 1949 Comrade Roadster uses 4" pedals and fit my wide feet much better then the 3 1/2" blocks.  Here are some pictures of the differences between the pedals in the lot.

3 1/2" diamond pattern block with "Raleigh" spelled out.  These are the proper type for the 1953 Sports, which I will rebuild and clean using parts from the other pedals in the lot.  I just wish they were the wider 4" style.
3 1/2" chevron pattern block with "Raleigh Industries" logo.  I don't know when these were in production; however, Raleigh Industries was formed in 1946 and lasted until 1960 when it was merged with Tube Investments (TI).  I have seen this chevron pattern on a 1956 Sports. 
3 1/.2" diamond pattern block with "Sir Walter Raleigh" logo.  I think this is the more modern of the three styles, this same block style was used when reflectors were added in the 1970"s.

Sir Walter Raleigh logo

If anyone has additional info on the timelines and different pedal styles used on Raleigh 3-speeds please share.  I'm looking for 4" blocks, 4" pedal spindles, and the threaded dust caps.  If you know of any sources, or have some to sell please let me know.


  1. My Raleigh Canadian (confusingly, "Made in England") uses the 4 inch pedals with Sir Walter-style blocks. The 1959 S-A SW rear hub (59 1) and oil port front hub are laced to Dunlop-branded, Endrick-type EA3 steelies. I was fortunate to have bought it from the original owner, so I'm confident the wheels are correct. It seems to have been a boys' bike, judging by the 19 1/2 inch frame and wheel size (oddly, most Canadian adult bikes were 700C long before the "bike boom").

    Sorry, the pedals aren't for sale... :-(

    ...but I have pics! :-)

  2. Hi, I was wondering whether you still have some of the diamond-pattern rubber with "Raleigh" spelled out. I would need them for my restoration project. Thanks!

    1. Hi Matt,

      Sorry I don't have any currently.