Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coffeeneuring - Ride 3 of 7

Beautiful day for a ride, especially after all the rain last week.  I started the ride in Paeonian Springs on the W&OD trail, and rode to Around the Block Books for my third ride of the Coffeeneuring Challenge.  This was my first visit since they relocated to the second floor above Trails Ends Cycling at the Western terminus of the W&OD trail.  They sell used books and have great coffee and sweets.  There are two sections to the store "Chapter 1", which contains the coffee and sweets, and 2008 and later books; and on the second floor is "Chapter 2", with a very cozy reading/sitting area and more books.  There motto is "We Encourage Loitering".   I normally do not use the word delightful; however, this is a perfect word to describe this place. I enjoyed my coffee and muffin while having interesting conversation with the owners.  It was like having morning coffee at a friends house.  In the course of the conversation my fondness for old bikes came up, and with that I was quickly presented with 1973 edition of "Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual", which is now mine.

Today I used my 1949 Comrade Roadster Model for the trip, built by the Comrade Cycle Co. of Darlaston England.  This is a classic 3-speed with rod brakes and quadrant shifter.  The total ride length was 11.6 miles, at one point on the ride I hit 19.77 MPH, not bad for a 48 lb., 64 year old three speed.

The Comrade and main entrance to "Chapter 1", and coffee and sweets. 

Entrance to stairway for "Chapter 2"

My idea of health food.

More health food.

Don't forget the coffee.

All mine!

Mom and Daughter owners, Alice and Laura.

Upstairs at "Chapter 2"
On the way back, end of Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride 3.


  1. I am so glad you are coffeeneuring because we want to know more places to go for coffee and treats out your way! Thank you!!!

  2. I see you stopped in at LoCo Joes from your ride report. Nice place.