Sunday, September 1, 2013

LED Lighting: Wiring the lamps

Now that the circuit board is completed and the LEDs are mounted I can start running the wire from the Dynohub to the lights.  I'm using black 22 AWG zip cord (aka lamp cord).  I like using this smaller gauge wire because the circuit board and LED leads are 22 AWG.  It also a better fit with the original cable clamps.  I wanted to use the original Dynohub hook connectors so I removed them from the old wire for installation on the new zip cord.

Original "hook" Dynohub connectors and new 22 AWG wire

New wire and connectors mounted
Wire fitment under cable clamp

After running the wire up to the front light and back to the rear light, I started connecting it to the circuit board leads.

The circuit board has been mounted inside the front light, connecting the blue circuit board leads to the input wire from the Dynohub

Connecting the LED leads to front and rear wiring
Here are the lights converted to LED lighting.


  1. Hello,
    I'm currently in the midst of re-wiring a sturmey archer dynohub lighting system. I was wondering if I could ask for your help?

    I unfrotunately have no connector hooks. I was going to buy some generic contact plates or something like that. Do I then just wrap the wires around the contact plate or would your recommend something else?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi James,

      Not sure what you are asking. I'm assuming you are referring to the "hook" connectors that go on the end of the wire that is attached to the posts on the Dyno-hub plate. If you can not source some of these connectors I would use any slot or ring type connector that will fit around the Dyno-hub posts, they should be soldered to the wire ends. Not sure I answered your question but let me know.

    2. you did and sorry for the delay in replying. Ive now sourced some "hook" connectors and a multimeter. Continuity of the dynamo wires is looking good. Im going to check if the hub produces any AC power tomorrow.
      Last thing I need to do is buy some bulbs. The lamp itself says 6v 0.1A which would be a watage of 0.6. Ive found some with a wattage of 0.48. They look the right shape. I will let you know!

    3. And sorry im not sure i said thanks for your reply. Do you have much experience about buying the right bulbs. Is getting the right voltage more important? or are too few watts not the end of the world? Otherwise im going to buy and try :)
      thanks in advance!