Saturday, August 17, 2013

Model GC2 Trigger Control

The Model GC2 trigger control was produced from 1948-1953, it was used for both 3 and 4 speed hubs.  The printing on the face plate of this control was intended for below the bar mounting, but the letter in the gear window was inverted for above the bar mounting.  These are pictures of the trigger control before disassemble and cleaning.

Notice how the face plate and sides of the case have are bent.  There was no movement of the trigger, the lever and ratchet were rusted together and insects had build a mud nest inside the case.  In order to fix the bent case and faceplate, and to free up the internals I decide to drill out the case rivets and disassemble and clean.

Once apart I was able to straighten the case and faceplate.  I also wanted to try restoring the paint on the faceplate, so I painted in the depression and then used steel wool to clean the excess paint.

Now that the case was straight and paint restored I was ready to reassemble.  I originally thought I would make pins to replace the drilled out rivets, that would  use a small 2-56 threaded nut on the small diameter of the pin to retain the internals to the case.

Original drilled out rivets on top.  On the bottom are the steel pins I made on the lathe to replace the rivets, I was originally going to thread the small diameter of the pin that  protrudes from the back of the case and use a small 2-56 nut to retain it.

I did not have a 2-56 die on hand, so instead  I decided to try and peen over the pins like the original rivets.
Worked good and looks original.

This is the 60 year old Model GC2 control back on the bike, ready for duty again.


  1. Hi, Robert:
    I have a somewhat newer Sturmey-Archer trigger shifter, I believe it's from about 1972, that has similar problems.
    The trigger is seized and the plate is bent. I would gladly pay you for a couple of rivets if you feel like making another set. I hadn't thought about trying to refurbish it until I began visiting your blog. Nice work.
    Tom Howard

  2. Hi Robert

    Doing a simular job on a 1950's SA Shifter, can I ask what sort of paint you used in the depressions please.

    Lovely looking job you did on that shifter. If the one I am doing turns out half as good as the job you have done, I will be a happy man.


    1. Its an acrylic paint used to paint "WarHammer" miniatures. Marketed by Games Workshop under the "Citaldel" brand. The Red is "Mephiston Red" and the Black is "Abaddon Black".

    2. Thank you Robert,

      As coincidence would have it - my son is into WarHammer and I have been helping him paint his soldiers. Will have to check what colours he has got.