Friday, April 3, 2015

1957 Raleigh Dawn Tourist

The owner of this 1957 Raleigh wanted to get this classic back on the road for leisurely rides to the local post office.  This bike has the larger 23" frame, rod brakes, enclosed chaincase, 3-speed Sturmey Archer "AG" rear Dynohub (dated October 1957), and Brooks B-66 saddle.  A check of the Raleigh 1957 catalog indicates this particular bike with this equipment is probably a Dawn Tourist model. 

Unfortunately the front and rear lamps and Dry Battery Unit were missing.  The front brake pads and anti-vibration plates were missing, and the shifter cable anchorage was missing. The rear of the enclosed chaincase was mangled from the 18 tooth cog coming loose at some point.  The owner only wanted to get the bike in rideable condition and not disturb the patina (rust and dirt).

Since the bike was missing all of the lighting equipment is was determined to switch out the heavy, notchy "AG" hub for an "AW" hub and rims from a donor Raleigh Sports bike.  The rod brake pads were replaced and shimmed for proper contact with the cleaned and polished Westrick rims.  The chaincase was removed and straighten, the shifter cable anchorage and new indicator were installed, new 19 tooth rear cog installed, and all hubs cones adjusted.  After installing new tires, tubes and chain the old classic was again rideable and ready for the road. 



  1. I seems like a vintage bike of late 40's. But Old is Gold for us.
    Sturmey Archer Hub Gear

  2. I am restoring a Raleigh Sports bicycle from a frame found in a garden where it had lain for 40+ years.

    I am looking for good photos particularly of the chainguard.

    I have the original crank but the only photo I have seen of the chainguard shows the crank obscured.

    Also I have the brazed connections below the seat tube for the Sturmey archer pulley but no picture.

    Can anyone help.

    Also, I know that the frame was silver, and the forks blue, but the rust was so bad that it was hard to tell where blue stops and silver starts.

  3. How often does this blog update? This is fascinating subject matter, it's a shame there isn't more content.